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Vurig Bierreke

Blond strong blond (7,0 - 9,5 vol.%)
Vol.Alc.: 7.50%

EBC: 4  
EBU: 40

Smell: Orange, honey and flowers.
Appearance: Bright, golden with small bubbles and a rich, smooth, stable head.
Taste: Dry with clear sour and bitter notes.
Aromas: Fruit, spiciness of coriander, thyme, anise, wood, pepper and malt.
Palate: Tingling medium dryness and alcohol warmth, rounded to full-bodied mouthfeel.
After-taste: Pleasant, lingering with strong, harmonious bitterness.

First brewed on 25/08/2010
Store in a cool dark place; serve at 12 - 15°C in a tulip-shaped glass.