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Thals 1886

Blond strong blond (7,0 - 9,5 vol.%)
Vol.Alc.: 7.00%

EBC: 6  
EBU: 14

Based on information from earlier times, we made a pale beer
using eight different herbs (Gruut) and much less hops,
as was customary in 1886.
Smell: Scent of herbs, some spices used to make beer around 1800.
Appearance: Golden, bright with a white, creamy head.
Taste: Spicy with a light citrus note.
Aromas: Herbs and fruit.
Palate: Normal carbonation, medium dryness, full bodied mouthfeel.
After-taste: Lingering finish with a harmonious light bitterness.

First brewed on 09/05/2012
Store in a cool dark place; serve at ±8°C