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Fruitig Bierreke

Fruit beer
Vol.Alc.: 6.00%

EBC: 35  
EBU: 23

Smell: Fruity, with aromas typical of Lambic.
Appearance: Beautiful bright red colour due to the fruit.
Taste: Almond-like slight bitterness but mainly fruity taste.
Aromas: Cherries, blackberries, raspberries, black currants, red currants and blueberries
Palate: Softly tingly full-bodied mouthfeel.
After-taste: Lingering finish, limited bitterness.

First version not yet based on Lambic first brewed on 16/07/2011
The version based on Lambic was first brewed on 26/07/2012.
Store in a cool dark place; serve at 8 - 10 °C